About Me:

I was on a course earlier in the year and was lucky enough to hear both @redgierob and @ICT_MrP, who both led a brilliant course about learning with Technology and how it can benefit Literacy/English. Lee Parkinson, also suggested that having your own personal blog is a brilliant way to develop yourself, so here goes nothing!

This year I have been lucky enough to join Bury LA Leading Teachers, who are a group of teachers chosen to run courses at the Development and Training Centre as well as in schools. As the Computing co-ordinator for coming up to two years, the Head encouraged me to take up this opportunity, which is great for me to share my interests and also for me to benefit from the interests of others. I am a big believer that the quality of learning will always be better when you have a teacher who is passionate about the subject.

My role this year was to encourage the passion I have for creative programming onto others. This year I have taught programming to mixed courses of teachers and children, these include:

  • Raspberry Pi- these are a credit card sized computer. On the Raspberry Pi website you can get ideas, inspiration and even the software for the Raspberry Pi.
  • Lego ® WeDo – which uses a Lego® bricks as hardware and then you can program with either Scratch or Lego’s own software that they have created.

The journey has been a really enjoyable one so far. I am halfway through my second half term and loving my role. The enthusiasm and engagement from the children and staff carries on to be overwhelming.
My main goals for the year are as follows:

  • Continue set up of class blog’s (Yr-Y6) and try to use this blog to showcase children’s work. and hopefully by providing an audience see an impact on the children’s learning.
  • Branch my interests and experience further into iPads so that I can develop this interest with others.
  • Deliver courses in other areas.

If interested in anything I’ve said please visit: