Geek Nation

GeekNation Activities:

Remember to #geekout is just to be excited about something, to have a spark about a subject- don’t let anyone dull that spark. Here are some ideas for #AntiBullyingWeek:

  1. Create a #complimentree – this is where each child says 3 nice things about different children in the class. This is written on some paper that’s leaf shaped and placed onto a tree.
  2. Create a word cloud before and after discussing a topic, see how words and their priority change. Words said more or less will appear bigger or smaller.
  3. Ask children and staff what they #geekout about. They could take a picture of it and add it to a class blog, explaining why it makes them #geekout.
  4. Create a class definition of a geek, the Old Hall Primary definition is that ‘a geek is someone who has a love and enjoyment of a particular subject and wants to know all about it.’
  5. What is rudeness? What does it look like? How do we stop ourselves from being rude? Create a blogpost, piece of writing, vlog anything and share on @_geeknation.
  6. Share what makes your class  #geekout. This can be anything from computers to sports statistics and anything in between. Being a geek is a compliment, it’s just loving something, it’s a state of mind
  7. Create class posters informing your school what it is to be a geek and helping more children to be more secure, confident and to #embracethegeek.
  8. Ask you children to prepare a small talk and to go to another class and explain about @_geeknation and it’s ethos, it’s about celebrating difference and not identifying it!
  9. Ask children what is difference? Why is it important? Can you create a poem that you can record and share on social media?
  10. Create a StopMotion Animation clip about the topic of bullying, name calling, stigma or confidence.
  11. Ask staff to share what they #geekout about and share in an assembly or in class, children then match subjects to teachers.
  12. Get children to bring in their #geekout items, ask them to share with a partner who has different interests. This is a good activity for understanding, tolerance and open mindedness.
  13.  Create a persuasive piece of writing why it is amazing to be a geek and to #geekout over a subject.
  14. What is meanness? what is it to be mean? why are we mean sometimes? It’s because we can’t see why something is important to someone. How can we change this mindset? Create an ‘and’ poem.
  15. Create a Tellagami video which explains themes of tolerance, understanding or name calling and what they think about #AntiBullyingWeek.
  16. Ask children to suggest other names that they have been called or have heard people been called and create their own activity.
  17. Persuade others to #geekout over your subject, it could be a poster, Tellagami video, Prezi, a doodle or even a bookcreator project.
  18. Children start their own project, I love a bit of project based learning! Children learn so well from doing this and it really gets them enthused about a subject.
  19. Children create a movie trailer based on what they #geekout about.
  20. Children create a superhero/comic strip based on whatever it is they #geekout about.
  21. ? Your turn, Have fun!.

Like I said these are just ideas that are meant to help anyone who wants some last minute inspiration for #AntiBullyingWeek. I’ll be running activities and ideas for the whole month and please submit ideas and completed activities to me using the hashtags #embracethegeek or #geekout and @_geeknation.

What is GeekNation?

#geeknation is a project for the duration of #antibullyingmonth from 31st October to the 30th November. The inspiration for this has come from the national event Anti-Bullying Week whose theme this year is Power for Good! The hope is encourage individual and collective action to stop bullying. It is my opinion that the best way to take action against bullying or stigmatisation is to embrace difference and individuality; and why not do it together!

The intention of this project is to celebrate the ‘geekiness’ of children, teachers, staff, educationalists and anyone else involved in education and thus hopefully reduce the stigma. I want being a geek to be a positive thing. To join the #geeknation all you need to do is upload pictures, videos, blog posts or whichever format you choose. Please upload to twitter with the hashtags #geeknation and #embracethegeek.

On a personal note when I first started wearing glasses I was labelled as a geek, nerd, dweeb etc. It is for this reason I have chosen the spectacles on a flag as the symbol. Feel free to create your own and share it via twitter.

Together we can make a difference!

For more information check out:

Join us! #embracethegeek!